5 Reasons Why Nomad erpCommerce is Better Than Traditional eCommerce

5 Reasons Nomad is Better Than Traditional eCommerce (1)

Nomad erpCommerce by Sniperdyne is a new, revolutionized eCommerce shopping cart application built to directly integrate with virtually any ERP system–including Exact Macola, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Syspro and more. Direct integration with ERP means data consistency, improved customer experience and less administration time for you: all at a fraction of the time and cost of connecting your ERP with a traditional eCommerce website.

So why is Nomad better? Here are 5 Reasons.


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From Nomad to Entrepreneur and Back: The beginnings of Nomad erpCommerce


Torre Tribout, President of Sniperdyne, took a homegrown software solution made for his mother’s decorative pillow company and created a revolutionary new eCommerce platform: Nomad erpCommerce.

Here’s how he created a solution that allowed the pillow company–and now other small to mid-sized manufacturers–to compete on a large scale.

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Welcome to blog.erpcommerce.com!


Welcome to the Nomad erpCommerce Blog by Sniperdyne!

The team at Sniperdyne has been creating eCommerce solutions that integrate with ERP software since 2000. We’re proud to have some of the leading software engineers, graphic designers, project managers, QA and support professionals in the industry on our team, and we’re equally proud to serve some of the world’s leading SMB manufacturing and distribution companies by helping them bring their innovations to the digital marketplace. 

We’ve created this blog to share our team’s expertise and continue to serve our customers by posting educational, interesting and inspiring content regarding all things eCommerce and ERP, best practices, industry trends, new product updates as well as the stories behind our customers, our partners and our team.


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