How to Master Complex B2B and Wholesale Pricing on Your eCommerce Website

Master complex B2B and wholesale pricing for eCommerce

59% of B2B buyers and sellers prefer not to interact with a sales rep and 74% find buying from a website more convenient.” —Forrester

SMB manufacturers and distributors have traditionally faced difficulty in the world of eCommerce, in large part due to a high volume of product offerings and the complex pricing structure that goes along with them. And in a B2B or wholesale environment, pricing becomes even more daunting when considering different pricing situations for different customers. While this information is housed neatly in the manufacturer or distributor’s ERP, getting this information out of the ERP and into an eCommerce site has resulted in a data entry and rekeying nightmare or an altogether non-existent online sales presence. So fax, phone or mail has remained the name of the order game for B2B eCommerce.


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A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Keywords for eCommerce

SEO Keywords for eCommerce

By Brit Finnegan, Lead Designer and SEO Manager

The foundation of search engine optimization (SEO) is keywords. Keywords are the words that internet users–and your customers–are thinking about and typing into their search engines in order to find products, services, people, things and answers to virtually any question imaginable.

eCommerce retailers and marketers spend lots of time and resources attempting to pinpoint the right keywords and key phrases that not only best fit their products, but also best match what customers are looking for. Herein lies the art of SEO keywords for eCommerce.

While marketing professionals make entire careers of SEO and keyword optimization, we’ve compiled this brief yet informational guide of SEO keyword basics to help SMBs optimize their eCommerce websites without the need for a large budget.


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